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  • Dave Carey
    1916 Ave F.
    Ft. Madison, IA 52627
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    Items are shipped at the following rates:

    • Cabs - $5.00
    • Light Bars - $1.50

  • Available Products

    Cabs Accessories

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    ALF Wrap Around Light Bar

    Correct style light bar for many American LaFrance Eagles.

    $12.00 + shipping

    Extended Front Bumper

    American LaFrance extended front bumper. The bumper extension is designed to work on any of the AMT American LaFrance kits. It has locator pins to align it to the cab bottom, and holes to locate the front bumper.

    $3.50 + shipping  

    1/25 Indian Tank

    Includes 1 tank, and 1 nozzle. Please note : Due to the delicate nature of the nozzle, there MAY be flash that will need to be removed.

    $2.50 + shipping

    1/25 Oxygen Tank

    This replicates a 52" oxygen bottle with transport cap in place. They can be shortened to fit various applications. 2 per package.

    $2.00 + shipping

    1/25 Halligan Tool

    Sold in packs of 2.

    $1.50 + shipping